The First Mikveh

During a gathering of 20 rabbis from across Israel at the “Kinneret” Hotel, an unexpected guest appeared. A young woman, the wife of the butcher from a small town called “Tel Adashim,” approached the podium and asked if she could be granted the ability to ask one question.

“I want to understand,” she asked innocently, “Is the mitzvah of taharathamishpacha really more important than an Etrog? Like Tefillin? Every Jew is prepared to pay good money for an Etrog and for the most elegant set of Tefillin, but for mikveh?”

While this was a simple, honest question, the rabbonim were moved. She made an excellent point. Why wasn’t the mitzvah of taharashamishpacha given the same importance as other mitzvot.

And thus, the organization was founded upon a mission to build mikvaot throughout Eretz Yisrael.  Tel Adashim received the organization’s first sponsored mikveh.

Tel Adashim – the first mikveh built in 5702

The management of the organization with the first car used by the organization to help build, repair and restore mikvaot.

The funding for the first mikveh built by the Israel Central Committee for TaharatHaMishpacha arrived at the office of the great RebbeShloimke of Zvhil by way of the renowned Dr. Brenner of Jerusalem. The doctor was treating a woman struggling to give birth and would need to undergo a difficult surgery. Dr. Brenner came to ask the Rebbe for a bracha on behalf of the woman and the procedure.

Instead of having the surgery, the Rebbe suggested that the woman’s father give a donation for the construction of a mikveh and that all will be resolved.

Stories from gedolim don’t need an ending, as the message is obvious. The mikveh in “Tel Adashim” was donated by that very man.